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Kathy Van Zeeland Orchid Apollo Clutch
Why Kathy Van Zeeland? Because they are classy and durable - and, yes, CUTE!!!! Beautiful orchid color checkbook clutch with room for all of your wallet "stuff". WAS and tagged at $45 - this one is $10 OFF!!!
Price: $35.00
Fleur Di Leis Matching Wallet
Soft, white leatherette is a checkbook wallet with tons of room and slots for credit cards!
Price: $24.95
Fleur Di Leis Crossbody
Pink crossbody with soft, marble-like shimmer with brown trim.
Price: $29.95
Princess Crown
Bright yellow, soft, soft leatherette trimmed in black with grommets. Approx. 14" wide, this bag will hold all of your fashion goodies!
Price: $44.95
Flower POWER!
Beautiful black patent leatherette - large flower in front, with canvas type interior for durability. Approx. 15" wide with zipper top.
Price: $49.95
Gold Leopard Bag-Black Trim
Seriously the classiest bag ever - soft construction - this one is unique with a matching wallet available.
Price: $49.95
Gold Leopard Wallet
The matching wallet to the bag, this wallet has tons of slots and is made of the highest quality. One of our best!
Price: $14.95
Red Flower Glamour
Argueably the BEST NEW BAG of 2011! Glitz and glitter, along with strong construction and multiple pockets in the interior....
Price: $49.95
Classy Textrured Brown Hobo!
Beautifully designed for durability and trendy, this brown bag has black trim. Large and roomy, its dimensions are: 17x6x12 (H). Has the chic, classy look for 2011!
Price: $38.95
Dark Fuschia Hobo!
Same bag design as above, but in a reddish/fuschia color.
17x6x12 (H).
Price: $38.95
Dark Brown Hobo!
Be a Knockout - Not a Knockoff!
Quality in material, this bag has the texture and feel of leather. Quite expensive looking at a great boutique price! 13x7x10 - very unique!
Price: $46.95
Big and Roomy Black Bag!
Zipper top closure
Textured Faux Leather
Comes with a shoulder strap (Expandable)
Rear pocket with zipper
Inside lining with open/zip pockets
16 (W) x 5 (D) x 13 (H) inches
Price: $54.95
Animal Print!
Zipper top closure
Textured Faux Leather
Rear pocket with zipper
Inside lining with open/zip pockets
16 (W) x 6 (D) x 14 (H) inches

Price: $52.95
SOO, this is what BLING is all about! Coolest black bag for 2011!
Zipper top closure
Textured faux leather
Rear pocket with zipper
Inside lining with open/zip pockets
15 (W) x 5 (D) x 11 (H) inches
Price: $55.95
Kathy Van Zeeland  Casual Pocket Shopper!
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